Hollow Sunshine - "Coward + Leader + Omega" IRP024

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California-based duo Hollow Sunshine will release a trilogy of EPs, Coward + Leader + Omega, on Iron Pier for Cassette Store Day. Available Saturday October 8th, 2016 this release is a one-time-only cassette pressing limited to 50 units.

The three EPs compiled on this release betray inspirations ranging from the spiritual-minded prog of Popol Vuh to Joni Mitchell's late-in-the-game experiments in rhythm and atmosphere. The pensive Coward casts a long, paranoid shadow,Leader's buoyant pop almost seems to defy gravity, and Omega burns the whole script in a psychedelic fever.

This is the first time Coward + Leader + Omega will exist in a physical format. Whether heard together or separately, they demonstrate incredible range from the duo of Reuben Sawyer and Morgan Enos and serve as a new chapter for Hollow Sunshine's increasingly bold and intriguing body of work.

Coward + Leader + Omega will be available on October 8th at Iron Pier's webstore and via other online and physical record stores. The label will also be hosting cassette specials for other releases at their webstore for Cassette Store Day.

Pressing Information

First Press - 50 Cassettes - White Shell w/White Box