Other Houses

Fortune Selector is the new MLP from Other Houses (Brooklyn, NY) and the group's debut on Brooklyn record label Iron Pier. Previously the solo project of Morgan Enos (Hollow Sunshine, Medium Mystic, Hheaven), Fortune Selector is Other Houses’ confident debut as a full-fledged band, recorded with Californian players Adam Nash (guitar), Alex Nash (drums), and Ross Major (bass).

Fortune Selector is well-represented by its front cover, featuring a palm tree – the universal symbol of California – inverted. In fact, Enos formed the new Other Houses band and recorded Fortune Selector directly before relocating from California to New York. As he remembers, “I quickly and immediately dove into those sessions – mostly in living rooms and an after-hours art supply store – more committed to capturing an impulsive energy than worrying about technically perfect takes.” Most of Fortune Selector was recorded live in a single night, when Enos turned twenty-four, and these wonderfully hooky pop songs explore dichotomies – fame and insignificance, purity and impurity, New York and California.

After Fortune Selector was completed, Enos relocated to Brooklyn, reforming the backing band. “Looking back, I feel like many of the songs came from a charged, hot sense of anticipation of moving to the city,” says Enos, and that comes through in the tunes. The garage-rocking “Me as Periodicals” has a panic attack about leaving your legacy in Internet links, “Meaning of the Band” is a highly melodic put-down of what Enos calls “haircuts and vibes… the most excruciating music types you tend to run into,” and “Cats Know Me” is a ‘70s-style duet about longing to hang with the pack that Enos calls “the best song I’ve ever written.”

Tour Dates

Other Houses - "Fortune Selector"
July 14th, 2017
Iron Pier