Hollow Sunshine - Distributed Items
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  • Hollow Sunshine - Distributed Items

Hollow Sunshine - Distributed Items
$5.00 - $15.00

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Hollow Sunshine-related distributed items.

"Held Above" is Hollow Sunshine's debut album, released on Robotic Empire records. It is a 12" LP on black vinyl with a screenprinted art paper jacket.

"Cold Truth" is a recent, two-song 7" by Hollow Sunshine, released on Nostalgium Directive. The black vinyl 7" comes with an embroidered patch designed by Hollow Sunshine's Reuben Sawyer.

"Atascadero" is a recent cassette tape release by Hollow Sunshine on Bridgetown Records.

“Burning” is the new EP from the increasingly prolific California duo Hollow Sunshine, and while the previous Hollow Sunshine work explored the landscapes of 1990s atmospheric pop and sludge, “Burning” pushes deeper into both the past and the future. The four new songs feel ancient and coated in precious metals, as Sawyer and Enos tap into the muses of Florian Fricke, Alice Coltrane and Bill Fay to form their most mature and realized release yet. Fans of contemporary, heavy/pop-influenced outfits Jesu and Hum will also rejoice in the beautiful contrast of Sawyer’s downtuned guitar mass with Enos’ subdued, haunting vocal melodies as the duo deftly wade through songs of helplessness, departure and relief. Packaged as a deluxe cassette release that includes a 5×5 cloth patch and a black and white enamel pin.

Blood Bright Star is the metal solo project of Reuben Sawyer released recently on King Of The Monsters. The Silver Head is a voice deeply rooted in Qabalistic lore and alchemical symbolism, cryptically hypnotic yet rhythmically accessible. Lending its influence from deathrock and krautrock tendencies, On 12" black vinyl.

Dry Insides is the deranged brainchild of artist Reuben Sawyer. "Sacrifice" is a 3 song vicious assault of raw, primitive, Venom influenced hardcore punk with noise rock tendencies a la Brainbombs.

Dry Insides - "Crawl Back" is a limited cassette from Reuben Sawyer's solo metal/hardcore project. Very limited.

Florida Man - "Take Me To The Dirt" is Reuben Sawyer's 2014 release on Ascetic House. Limited cassette.

Rose - "Deliverance" is a recent Reuben Sawyer project on Constellation Tatsu.

Other Houses - "Splendor" is the first release by Morgan Enos's solo project Other Houses. On Flossless Audio.

Other Houses - "Way Out West" is the second release by Morgan Enos's solo project Other Houses. On Flossless Audio.

Other Houses - "Bad Reputation" is Morgan Enos's debut solo full length on Agoo Records. "Bad Reputation" is winsome, homespun, and crackling with pop energy. While the song cycle is deeply personal, the record simultaneously fixes its eye heavenward into an intergalactic realm, where mysterious forces found in Eastern texts collide and intermingle with interstellar bodies.

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