Hollow Sunshine - "Bible Sea" Vinyl, Bundles, and Merch IRP020 Bundles


Bible Sea is the new all-electronic record from California's Hollow Sunshine, the duo of acclaimed visual artist Reuben Sawyer (Dry Insides, Florida Man, Blood Bright Star) and Morgan Enos (Other Houses, Hheaven).

In contrast to Hollow Sunshine's previous LPs Held Above and Bring Gold, Bible Sea ditches all semblance of a rock band in favor of disfigured samples, 808 sequences, and driving industrial percussion. A harsh, otherworldly musical atmosphere is soothed by Enos's melodic vocal approach. Enos sees the lyrical theme of this lush darkwave masterpiece as "spiritual weaponry" while main instrumentalist Reuben Sawyer says that the sounds are "cold and alienating, which is a good thing...the vocals remain sensitive while the music is buried in this digital muck and can't find a way out. Animal vs. machine."

Sawyer says that the goal is to create new and refreshing sounds and take as many risks as possible, putting the philosophy of the band succinctly: "music has no place in the hands of safety."


  1. Bad Company
  2. Masks of Saturn
  3. Bible Sea
  4. Jewel After Another
  5. Reservoir
  6. Hades
Pressing Information

Easter Yellow/Black Mix : 144
Black : 312